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If you’re looking for protection along with the possibility of greater returns, our variable life insurance plans may be the perfect choice.

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You Have The Power To Change Your Life For The Better

September 20, 2017
What I'd tell my younger self back then:
Save, save, save! Don't be intimidated to explore other avenues of financial instruments in securing your future like investing in insurance. Time is your best ally in this aspect. If there's a fad for instant everything, this is "INSTANT IPON" on paper - a CASH ASSET that is affordable, mobile and flexible.

In one time or another, we have been guilty of the "SAKA NA LANG" attitude. Time waits for no one. So don't keep on postponing our life decisions that you have the power to do right this very moment. Your family depends on you. Their dreams and goals are intertwined with yours, too.  

We might run out of time. When you delay, the higher the risks, the longer we achieve our goal. Time is ticking! Act NOW before it's too late. We all come with an UNIDENTIFIED EXPIRATION DATE so why delay?

My take as a Sun Life Advisor:

A healthy financial portfolio can be achieved by combining the guaranteed returns of a traditional product which gives you a lifetime inflow of cash via its endowment feature plus the possible high yield returns of a variable product which gives you guaranteed protection + savings + investments.

It should answer 5 vital questions:

* What is my goal?

* How much do I need?

* How long is my saving period?

* Can it meet my target date to achieve my goal?

* Will it provide me and my family money while I am alive, too!

Question: What would you tell your "younger self" today?

Money Nugget: Better late than never. You have the power to change your life for the better.

The choice is yours.

See you around! Am just a message away!



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